Master Ding Academy HQ

The main headquarters of the association is based at two locations in London - South Woodford and Limehouse.

Limehouse MDA HQ
This is a purpose built Tai Chi Chuan Mo Koon(training center) to create a friendly, open and social environment.

It is located at:
Limehouse Basin, Block B5,
5 Branch Road, Limehouse, London E14 7JU.

t: +44 (0)20 7780 1818

How to get here:
We are within easy reach of all areas of the Docklands
and City by bus, rail, Limehouse DLR or car
(pay and display nearby, free after 5:30pm).  

Nearest underground station: Limehouse
(Docklands Light Railway and train sation)
Just 1 minute walk to the Academy



South Woodford MDA 
This was the first full-time center with Limehouse opening in 2006. The centers attract many students for many different reasons, all curious to see what Tai Chi Chuan has to offer.

It is located at:
Maybank House, Unit C, 208 Maybank Road,
South Woodford, London E18 1ET

t: +44 (0)20 7780 1818

How to get here:
This  location is within  easy access from the North Circular,
M11 and A12 .

Nearest underground station: South Woodford (Central line).
About 25 minutes walk to the Academy.



Master Ding Academy HQ
Lime House Basin
5 Branch Road,
London E14 7JU

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18:00 - 19:30 Suitable for students of all levels
Mak Wah Hoi
10:30 - 12:30 Suitable for students of all levels Dave Chinnery
18:00 - 19:30 Suitable for students of all levels Master John Ding
Stuart Whittaker
19:30 - 21:00 Suitable for students of all levels Master John Ding
Michael Batt
18:00 - 19:30 Beginners / Intermediates Master John Ding
Stuart Whittaker
19:30 - 21:00 Beginners / Intermediates Master John Ding
Michael Batt
18:00 - 21:30 Advanced (By special invitation only) Master John Ding
10:00 - 12:00 Suitable for students of all levels

Stuart Whittaker


Maybank House, Unit C,
208 Maybank Road, 
South Woodford
London E18 1ET
18:30 - 20:00 Suitable for students of all levels Doosyant Mahadeo
10:30 - 12:30 Suitable for all levels Master John Ding
Ken Young
18:30 - 20:30 Suitable for all levels Doosyant Mahadeo
18:30 - 22:00 Advanced (By special invitation only) Master John Ding
10:30 - 12:30 Suitable for students of all levels Master John Ding
James Gibbins
18:30 - 20:00 Suitable for students of all levels Master Alan Ding




2022-01-06 10:00 - 2022-01-09 16:00
2022-02-05 10:00 - 2022-02-06 10:00
2022-04-23 10:00 - 2022-04-24 16:00
2022-05-05 10:00 - 2022-05-08 16:00
2022-05-20 10:00 - 2022-05-22 16:00
2022-06-04 10:00 - 2022-06-05 16:00
2022-07-02 10:00 - 2022-07-03 16:00
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Master John Ding

Founder of Master Ding Academy
Master Ding Teah Chean (John Ding) has accumulated vast experience and understanding of internal and external Kung Fu systems through a lifelong study of martial arts.

He began training at a young age under various Shaolin Kung Fu Masters and reached a high level of skill before devoting himself entirely to the internal martial system of Tai Chi Chuan. He is one of the few people to have studied under all three formal disciples of the late Great Grandmaster Yang Sau Chang: Chu King Hung (3rd disciple), Chu Gin Soon (2nd disciple) and Ip Tai Tak (1st disciple). Consequently, he is one of the few teachers in the west who can demonstrate the higher aspects of the art and internal energy, .Chi).

On 1 January 1998, Master Ding's dedication to Yang Style Tai Chi was rewarded when he was accepted as the first disciple of Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak, making him a 6th Generation lineage holder of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan through Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak.

He has worked hard to build his organisation, which now has schools across Europe. He has made numerous TV and stage appearances and produced videos, DVDs and books about Tai Chi. He is also the editor and publisher of Tai Chi & Alternative Health, an internationally distributed quarterly magazine in print since 1994.

Before he began to teach Tai Chi full time in 1996, he worked as a senior manager in health and social services with a local authority in the UK. This experience, combined with his charismatic application of Tai Chi philosophy to everyday life, have given him great insight into how to create an environment that allows people to develop, heal and grow strong through Tai Chi practice.


Dave Chinnery

I was born and bred in East London. Previously, I had worked as a British Gas emergency engineer for over thirty years and also a guitarist playing regularly up and down the country until my health condition forced me to retire early.
I took up Tai Chi Chuan in 2000 initially through the local adult education centre as I need to improve my health. Luckily for me, the instructor was from Master Ding Academy. Over the months my physical condition improved, regaining a measure of strength in my legs and arms more importantly to me, my self-confidence and self-esteem.
Since then, I retrained and qualified as a massage therapist working part time for the NHS.I later studied Traditional Chinese medicine for a while adding Tui Na techniques to my repertoire. I still practice Tai Chi Chuan and have been teaching Tai Chi Chuan at Master Ding Academy, Limehouse for a number of years.
I enjoy working with people from all walks of life but must admit to an empathy to those students left weaken or infirm by illness or age. My biggest pleasure, is to see these people improved after practising Tai Chi Chuan.

Master Alan Ding

Chief Instructor of Master Ding Academy
Dr. Alan Ding MBBS has been studying Tai Chi Chuan under his father, Master John Ding, since he was 5 years old. He has also studied under Master Chu Gin Soon (2nd Disciple of Great Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung) and very intensely under Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak (1 st disciple of Great Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung).
Based in London, he is a practicing General Practitioner. as well as being an accomplished Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan practitioner, Chief Instructor for Master Ding Academy organisation and a regular contributor for TCAH (Tai Chi & Alternative Health) magazine.
Over the years he has co-written books on Tai Chi, appeared in videos, DVDs and stage shows and assisted Master John Ding in numerous seminars, retreats and other bespoke Tai Chi programs.
Dr. Alan Ding is a 7th Generation Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan lineage holder through his father.

Mak Wah Hoi

Mak sought out Master John Ding at South Woodford Centre after reading the first issue of Tai Chi and Alternative Health magazine.
His initial intention was to use the Tai Chi Chuan form as a regime for health and fitness.
Early on he experienced in person the unfathomed power of legendary internal energy and the mastery of the true art of Tai Chi Chuan by Master John Ding. This inspire him to study the essentials of real Tai Chi Chuan.
Mak feels honoured to be a student of Master John Ding, who is a true Master of Tai Chi Chuan, open and generous in his teaching of the art. The same virtues have been inherited by his son Master Alan Ding. Mak continues his study under two generations of Master Ding, father John Ding and son Alan Ding. He follows their guidance to further understand the finer mystery within the art of Tai Chi Chuan.

Doosyant Mahadeo

Doosyant Mahadeo,  RMN;  BSc (Hons.) Psychol;  BSc (Hons.) CMHN; PGDip (Effective Community Care); Cert. (Non-Medical Prescribing) 

Doosyant is a Senior student of Sifu Ding. He started his martial arts training in 1975 studying Long fist boxing and Northern style Praying Mantis with Sifu Ding. Sifu then encouraged him to study Tai Chi Chuan which he eventually took up in 1987. He finally gave up his external martial arts in 1999, on Sifu’s advise, to concentrate on Tai Chi Chuan. He also had the great opportunity to meet and train with Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak.

Over the past 15 years, Doosyant has helped Sifu to run workshops and Retreats across Europe and has a passion for teaching Tai Chi.

Doosyant is a retired Mental Health Professional with 37 years experience in Psychiatry. He is also a Control & Restraint and Breakaway Techniques Instructor.

Tony Chaikin

Tony has been training at the South Woodford academy for many years and is a regular instructor at the centre.

He also loves Tai Chi movies.

James Gibbins

I came to Tai Chi just before my 30th birthday. I was looking for a martial art that would be kinder to my body than the traditional external styles that I had practiced in my teenage years. Something that I could learn at my own pace with no pressure of grading or intensive training or more importantly injury! Also something I could practice alone without a partner if need be. Tai chi seemed to fit the bill


So I found my nearest class, which just happened to be at South Woodford with Master Ding! Fate had dealt me a kind hand!! I went along to a Thursday evening class……and as they say the rest is history.


 Just over 17 years later I am more intrigued and engaged with this art than all those years ago. Tai Chi never seems to stand still for me, it always seems to be evolving, ebbing and flowing and taking me in different directions both physically and mentally.


It has, with the guidance of Master Ding taught me and continues to teach me every time I practice, for this I am eternally grateful.

Ken Young

Born in Bethnal Green, in 1940, I left school at 16 and began to realise the true depths of boredom, which are only possible to anyone working in the Civil Service. 5 years later I went to train as a teacher alongside studying singing with Florence Norburg. After College I moved in and out of teaching then moved out of teaching and into (and out of) Show Business, working as a singer in London's West End and on TV. Following this, and still not having learned my lesson, I started a BA at the Open University, which led to 12 growth years as Headteacher of two very different London schools, where a large part of my job was to stand in front of the fan and smile while everybody else shovelled!  During this time I wrote several articles for various magazines as well as designing, facilitating and tutoring on management courses for the Dept. of Education and Science at London University. Here it was that I found my greatest love - listening to my own voice - and enjoyed being a frequent speaker at International, National and Local Conferences as well as chairing and being a member of many management committees.

After founding the “ARGO Consultancy” in 1988, I was busy designing and delivering a wide variety of personal development and management training workshops to Educationalists, the Social Services, commercial companies and people in the performing arts. It was during this time that I started learning Tai Chi - for a little light exercise - and was lucky enough to find John Ding as my teacher. 22 years later I am still addicted, still learning and waiting for the exercise to get “light”. Now retired, I am back to my first love – teaching; singing, at home, and Tai Chi in Wanstead and at the John Ding Academy in South Woodford. Academy instructor since 1999 after beginining Tai Chi Yang style training in 1990.Peter Pan said that “Work is what you’re doing when you’re not enjoying what you’re doing”; so I don’t work anymore. 

ph:  020 8989 5793

Michael Batt

Born in London , I became a London taxi driver in 1979. Some twenty years later I attended a Yang style Tai Chi  class , more out of curiosity than anything else. I practiced regularly for the next twelve years, but came to a point where I felt that I was no longer progressing. 
In 2012, I was lucky enough meet Master Ding. Discovering that there was far more to Tai Chi Chuan than I had ever imagined. I joined MDA, where I put as much time into my Tai Chi practice as possible. 


Stuart Whittaker