MDA Dublin : D8 Lantern Centre

Contact Number: 086 397 5979



Lantern Centre
15 Synge Street
Dublin 8
6:00pm - 7:15pm Beginners
Nicole Demel




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Nicole Demel

1993 Began practising Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan ITCCA in Tuebingen, Germany.

2000 Changed Lineage to Master John Ding Academy London Traditional Yang Style

2005 Began Tai Chi Instructor Training with Master John Ding at his Academy
in London and Germany.

2007 Began training and working as a macrobiotic vegan cook.

2008 Began teaching Traditional Tai Chi Chuan as part of an adult education/rehabilitation programme in Germany.

2014 Moved to Dublin and started teaching Traditional Tai Chi Chuan at various locations in the city. Began working as a vegan macrobiotic cook and teacher.