Beginners Course

The form is often referred to in the West as “Moving Meditation”

- Applied Tai Chi
Testing of Tai Chi postures to ensure they are strong, stable and powerful with the application of Chi

- Breathing Exercises

Students should try to attend the same class each week over a period of 6 weeks. However, if you miss a lesson, you can do a catch up session within the 6 weeks at any other beginner class at either of the full-time John Ding Academies. At the end of this course, students must join as JDA members to continue their training.

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In order to ensure more personal supervision from the instructor, only a limited number of students are allowed on each course. To ensure your place on the course, you will need to book in advance and pay the course fee in full online by bank transfer to our bank details.  BOOK NOW. 

No special clothing is necessary - any loose fitting/comfortable wear is suitable. However, students are encouraged to wear the Academy’s uniform.
Master Ding Academy HQ
Limehouse Basin(Under Berglen Court), 5, Branch Road, Limehouse, London E14 7JU.

Tel: 020 7780 1818
(1 minute walk from Limehouse Station DLR)   
Master Ding Academy
Maybank House, Unit C, 208 Maybank Road, South Woodford, London E18 1ET

Tel: 020 8502 9307
(13 mins from South Woodford Station, Central Line Underground)
If you are interested to enrol on the course, please email us :

and we will provide you with the payment details. 
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