Interview with Grandmaster Ip
Fifth Generation Lineage and Master Yang Sau Chung's First Disciple

Given a moment to reminisce about Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, many powerful images of former great masters of the past can be conjured up. May it be the notable presence and great stature of Yang Cheng Fu or the majestic yet powerful Yang Sau Chung, this family has certainly devoted all of their lives to the study and development of Tai Chi Chuan. However, since the sad passing away of Yang Sau Chung in 1985, when provoked into contemplating about images of the current leading figure in the art, it may indeed become a little hazy. Tucked away amongst the hustling busy streets of Hong Kong Island resides an intellectual, yet humble Chinese gentleman, who keeps his profile low, and attends to his usual daily business like any other. Convention however, is not how one could describe the man that lies behind the face, for his diligent training in Tai Chi Chuan, and knowledge gained through it, has earned him the title of being the First Disciple (Son) of Grand Master Yang Sau Chung. His name, (Grandmaster) Ip Tai Tak, the new generation, of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. The haze has disappeared.........
Master Ip Tai Tak was born in Hong Kong. He took up external martial art as a young man due to his prevailing weak health. At the age of 21 years, he studied Yang style Tai Chi Chuan under Master Tung Yien Kit for 4 years. During this period his

health improved, and with his consistent approach was also appointed as Instructor for Master Tung's school.

In 1949, Master Yang Sau Chung left China during the communist revolution to settle in Yuen Long, New Territory, Hong Kong. Master Yang gave a public demonstration exhibiting the traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan in 1951. Master Ip was so very impressed by Master Yang's demonstration and in the pursuit for greater understanding he left Master Tung, to study the Traditional Yang style under the Head of the Yang family style. After 4 years of study, he was formally accepted as the first inner disciple of Master Yang Sau Chung. He continued to study under Master Yang until he passed away in 1985. Now at the age of 69 years, he is still as devoted as ever to the study, practice and development of Tai Chi Chuan, only teaching a selective number of senior students.

As a leading authority on Traditional Yang style Tai ChiChuan, he was only to happy to be interviewed by Master John Ding so that the teachings of Traditional Yang style can be shared with both advanced and beginners of Tai Chi Chuan.

( New Addition : In January 1998, Grandmaster Ip formally accepted Master Ding as his first 

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