Master Disciple Relationship
The Master usually choose a successor or a few worthy students

For hundreds of years, knowledge skills and arts have been passed down from generation to generation, father to son, Master to disciple. It is said that discipleship is the highest honour and responsibility that a Master can bestow a student. The event is a rare occasion, and its importance felt throughout the international community.
The act of discipleship (Bai Shi) is not merely a namesake, but instead describes a bond that has been formed between Master and the chosen disciple. A signal to the outside world that a level of understanding has been established that goes beyond mutual respect and admiration or dedication and duty. However this trust and understanding is not enough. It is only one facet of the complex relationship between Master and disciple.
Discipleship is not available to all. Its essence requires a student that has the ability to actively absorb, and assimilate the most refined concepts within the art at the highest level. That their character is of the most respectable and that their ability

to conduct themselves in a moral and professional manner is not in any doubt. The disciple assumes the responsibility of being a representative of the teacher: someone who will assume the mantle of responsibility for the on-going well-being of the teacher, the teacher’s reputation and all the teacher hold to be important, particularly in relationship to the tradition being taught.


The journey to discipleship begins by first becoming a student or member of a Tai Chi Chuan organisation. The word student literary mean a person following a course of study. However, in Chinese, it has a much deeper meaning. These people are called “Moon San” in Cantonese. It gives student a sense of belonging to the organisation. In ancient times, students are usually taught by senior students and only occasionally by the Master. Over time the student learns the basic principles and concepts of the art through the practise of forms. This form the basic foundation block on which other more advance training are build on. In time as ones training progresses,

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