Profiles of different Masters

Fourth Generation
Yang Sau Chung (1911-1985)
He began learning his family art from his father and uncle, Yang Siu Hou at a very young age. At the age of 19, he had taught his family Tai Chi Chuan in various business concerns, government departments and high societies’ circles. He also accompanied his father and assisting him in teaching his Yang family Tai Chi Chuan in various provinces within China. He stayed and continued to teach Tai Chi Chuan in Guangzhou after the death of his father. In 1949, he moved to Hong Kong and established his own school. He had three daughters, Tai Yee, Ma Lee and Yee Li, all continue his foot step in Hong Kong. In addition, he has also accepted three disciples, the first being Ip Tai Tak (1921 -2004), the second is Chu Gin Soon & the third being Chu King Hung
Fifth Generation
Ip Tai Tak (1921-2004)
Ip Tai Tak born in Hong Kong and took up external martial art as a young man due to his prevailing weak health. In 1951, as a keen young martial artist and having previously studied Tai Chi Chuan, he was so overwhelmed with Master Yang Sau Chung public exhibition of the traditional Yang family Tai Chi Chuan that he seized the opportunity to improve his skill and understanding in Tai Chi Chuan further by training only with Master Yang Sau Chung. In 1954, he was formally accepted as the first disciple of Master Yang Sau Chung. He continued to study under Master Yang until he passed away in 1985. After the death of his teacher, he continued to devote his life in the study, practice and development of Tai Chi Chuan, only teaching a selective number of senior students. Ip Tai Tak was open in his teaching and willing to share his knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan with those of the right attitude and commitment to pursuing the art to the highest level. He has two disciples, the first disciple being Ding Teah Chean in January 1998 and the second is Robert Boyd in 2001.

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