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Quick links to get you started on your Tai Chi Chuan journey with Master Ding Academy, the centre of excellence for traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.


  • Getting started in Tai Chi Chuan
  • Master Ding Academy Beginners Course
  • Master Ding Academy teaching approach
  • FAQs about Tai Chi Chuan


Check out our information on advanced courses, such as weapons forms and Snake Form.

If you would like to learn traditional Tai Chi Chuan with Master Ding Academy, you can check out our numerous branch to find a class near you or attend one of our open masterclass workshops run by Master Ding.

We welcome practitioners of other styles as well as complete beginners to experienced practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan interested in learning traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

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  • Outside United Kingdom, we have a large number of certified Master Ding Academy instructors teaching in Europe. Check our international class directory

Master Ding Academy Events

  • Check our calendar for masterclass workshops.


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