Cheung Kuen Se Ying: Another View
An uncompromising real practice of Chueng Kuen

From my perspective learning the complete Snake Form from Masters John and Alan Ding was an opportunity not to be missed.

From everything that both Master Dings had told me over the years I understood that this form was the result of all those years of intensive (and often brutal) training that Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak undertook in over 30 years of almost daily one-to-one training under Great Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung. As 1st disciple, it was Master Ip’s duty to deal with the many challenge matches that took place on behalf of Master Yang Sau Chung. It was protecting the honour of the Yang family that led to Master Ip receiving a level of Yang style martial training that has rarely been seen outside of the Yang family itself. As in older times this knowledge was passed to him through hands-on application training and push 

hands, rather than through Form.
Master Ip took the approach of putting what was possible of this precious information into a slow moving Form that takes perhaps 8 minutes to perform. From the intensive training course with Master John and Alan Ding it became even clearer to me that even at the highest levels of internal work, Form can only be part of the equation. What led me to believe this is the sheer number of deadly, powerful applications that Master Ding showed us that were based on the ‘snake’ principle, but were unlikely to be found through study of the Form’s movements. These represented the more important aspect of transmission which, having been received by Master Ding from Grandmaster Ip in the traditional (sometimes painful) hands-on manner, he was now in a position to pass on
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