Cheung Kuen Se Ying: First Field Report
An energetic expression of concentrated Chi compression

This is a summary is my first impression of Master Ding's first Cheung Kuen Se Ying (Long Fist Snake Form) Master class.

The form requires:
High demands

- joints, ligaments and sinews

- leg muscles

- back muscles

- co-ordination

- concentration

Leads to an examination / experience with / of

- centredation

- inner peace, detachment

- working with the
compressive energy

- first understanding
of small movements

- to feel the connectivity to
Kua and hand movements

- experience personal limits


Firstly, to learn this Form one needs a high measure of concentrativeness and bodily fitness. In order to achieve the best results the Snake Form

must be performed very low to the ground and therefore the knees, hips and ankle joints must be in intact and very well trained. Otherwise one runs the risk of damaging oneself.


First experiences gave me the impression of increased energy. In order to describe this I want to use the expression energetic and concentrated compression.  This experience is at first external as one reaches ones own bodily limits, on the other hand internally it gives a noticeable activity, an experience of peace and centredation, a sinking of the shoulders and a first step in the internal aspect of this Form.  Through the high demands a high concentration is necessary. After exercising peace and calmness is perceivable, ones inner centre is noticeable, the movement of arms and legs is lighter.


Here, one must say this deals with the first experience of a Tai Chi Chuan pupil who is intensively working on the Tai Chi principal.  In two or three years this report will surely be different as ones development will be on another level.