Master Disciple Relationship
Responsibility in the next generation

one tends to spend more time with the Master. The Master continues to instruct the students in accordance to their standards. At each level, students receive different training, particularly so in Tai Chi Chuan. During students training, the Master continually assesses students’ character, commitment, dedications and ability to absorb new levels. He teaches the students accordingly. In some cases, advanced students because of their character are not shown higher level skills until such time when they have changed. Staying with the master for longer period will ensure the opportunity to learn higher level of Tai Chi Chuan.
To ensure that the art are passed on to student to take on such responsibility in the next generation, the Master usually choose a successor or a few worthy students. In the past, it is very difficult or impossible for an outsider to obtain the full transmission from the master, as the family art is a closely guarded secret. It was kept within the family and passed down from father to son. Often you can observe that the successor to the family art is usually a member of

the family. This is still the case in some martial arts. People outside such family, practically have no chance of getting the whole transmission of the art. However, some modern masters do take a more sensible and practical approach. They are still selective of their disciples so as to ensure that the treasure, Tai Chi Chuan continues to exist in future generations to come.


The highest honour for student in his training is to be chosen and accepted as a disciple by a Master. This is the highest accolades in one’s training. The words, “Disciple” in the English dictionary explain it to mean a follower of the doctrines of a teacher or a school of thought. In Chinese, its more specific and focused, it is called, “ Bai Moon Di Zi ” when translated means the indoor/inside disciple which involves “Bai Shi”. Bai Shi is usually a very grand celebration, which is as important as a wedding as it is a ceremony of acceptance of the disciple being a member of the Master’s family. Martial Artists from various martial arts organisation are invited to share the good fortune with the 

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