This is an app for timming sets of interval by sound, vibration or light. It was designed for Chi Kung practice but can also be used for meditation or workout intervals.

Ideal for your daily Chi Kung practice.

To download this app, kindly go to Apple Apps stores and search for MDA QTimer

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Tai Chi & Alternative Health is a leading International and UK best selling Tai Chi magazine. It was edited and published quarterly since 1994 by an International Tai Chi Master, John Ding. As from the 1st December 2013, the magazine is now published online commencing with Issue 74 as digital magazine. Every issue features Tai Chi history, philosophy, theory and practices and views of leading masters.

It is packed with more Tai Chi training tips, news, reviews, books, video offers and more. TCAH also carries a full range of features on the practice and theory of other Alternative health therapies. In addition, all subscribers get 5% discount off all TCAH mail orders.

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