William Mak

William has been learning with Master Ding since 1995. As a senior student, he has taught at the Master Ding Academy HQ in London, and has continue to develop his art through intensive training with Master Ding and now representing the academy in Newbury. 

He has has also assisted Master Ding at seminars, retreats, open days, various public performances in London and in Europe. 

Prior to Tai Chi, William also studied an external style martial art – Southern Style Preying Mantis. However soon after he met Master Ding, he knew that internal martial arts was the path he wanted to follow.

MDA Newbury has been open since 2013 and continues to teach students at all levels from beginner to advanced. 

Based in Newbury, William is keen to spread the wonderful art of Tai Chi Chuan and impart his knowledge to those with a genuine interest and enthusiasm to learn more.