My name is Susie and I am a Tai-Chi Chuan instructor based in West Yorkshire.

I started my journey with Tai-Chi in 1999 in London. Years passed and I realised how much I enjoyed practicing Tai-Chi, so I was inspired to do more. I began attending Mike Watson workshops and then Master Ding Academy. In 2017 I was awarded my Advance Level One Teaching Certificate.

I began teaching Tai Chi part-time alongside my full-time job as an Architect Technician. In 2018 I left my full-time job to start teaching Tai-Chi.

I felt that I found my true calling in life and now it is my passion to teach and see all the benefits that tai-chi brings to myself and to all my students. It is such a beautiful art form and it is so powerful for those who practice regularly for our minds and our bodies (inner strength and calmer minds).