MDA Certified Tai Chi Instructor and Accredited Healing Therapist

Yuka has been training in Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan at the Master Ding Academy in London (MDA) since 1998.  She is continuing her training with Sifu John Ding, the 6th generation Master of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan to deepen her understanding of the Art of Tai Chi.

She has experience in teaching Tai Chi to a wide range of students in a class environment as well as privately: beginner to intermediate, different age groups, Parkinson’s and Ménière’s Disease sufferers. Registered with Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO)/UK Healers, she has also been working as an energy healing therapist since 2001.

Believing that Tai Chi provides a tool not only for fitness but also for personal development and self-healing through re-alignment of mind-body-spirit and optimisation of energy flow, she feels passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with many people.