James G


I came to Tai Chi just before my 30th birthday. I was looking for a martial art that would be kinder to my body than the traditional external styles that I had practiced in my teenage years. Something that I could learn at my own pace with no pressure of grading or intensive training or more importantly injury! Also something I could practice alone without a partner if need be. Tai chi seemed to fit the bill

So I found my nearest class, which just happened to be at South Woodford with Master Ding! Fate had dealt me a kind hand!! I went along to a Thursday evening class……and as they say the rest is history.

Just over 17 years later I am more intrigued and engaged with this art than all those years ago. Tai Chi never seems to stand still for me, it always seems to be evolving, ebbing and flowing and taking me in different directions both physically and mentally.