Welcome to Master Ding Academy Norfolk branch.

Here in Norfolk we pride ourselves on an open friendly approach to the Art of Tai Chi Chuan and have four tutors all offering classes.

For those of you with a little more experience, and as you progress, the opportunity arises to attend the Thursday Class for intermediate and advanced students under the direction of Cos Samaya Stephanides. 

Further opportunity arises to travel to London and be introduced to and spend time with Sifu John Ding. The level of instruction here in Norfolk is top class with constant reference back to our Sifu and a compassionate and clear approach to the teachings and students. 



Little Gompa, 11 Church Lane, Norwich, NR7 8AY


Private tuition


If you are interested in starting Tai Chi class, do contact our branch instructor :

Costakis Stephanides

 t: 01603460446    e:

Cosmo1 Costakis Stephanides