Weapon Course : Dao or Jian


Spazio Polaresco


Spazio Polaresco,

Via del Polaresco, 15,

24129 Bergamo BG,


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From til each day
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Weapon Course:

Dao (Broadsword) or Jian (Sword)

A great opportunity for Tai Chi practitioners to learn the complete or refine Yang Style Dao or Jian form and their applications through an intensive 4 days course.

This course is open to Tai Chi practitioners who have completed the traditional form with two to three years experience.


Do not miss the chance to training with

Master John Ding,

6th Generation Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan


Event Contact Details

MDA Instructor : Angelo Nembrini

t: +39 348 298 8690 

e: info@associazioneamrita.it


Event Payment Details

Master Class Course Fee :

4 Days          500 Euro

You can book online from this website:



Contact Angelo for more information